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No bank loan qualification or mortgage application necessary to get started

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Get into a home in the near term and save your down payment by paying your rent

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Achieve your goal of home ownership while improving your credit score

Renting and Moving into a Rent To Own Home is Quick and Easy

Rent to own is an ideal option for anyone who wants to get into a home today but can't get approved for a mortgage. Why waste money on a regular rental when you can purchase your own house by renting it first?

In many cases, buyer's can't afford the down payment, don't have sufficient credit, or can't afford the monthly lease payment on a home. Rent to Own is the solution. A few examples:

Rent to Own 2BR/2 BA Home $520 M/0! Rent to Own 3BR/2 BA Home $626 M/0! Rent to Own 3BR/2 BA Home $829 M/0!

How Does Renting to Own Work?

First, you have to find your dream home. Next, the renter (buyer) and landlord (seller) come to an agreement about how much rent the renter will pay each month to live in the house, and at the end of a set period – generally three years – the renter has the option to buy the house at a prearranged price.

Each monthly rent payment is allocated between income for the landlord and down payment deposit for the renter_ These incremental payments add up in a separate holding account so the renter can afford the down payment at the end of three years and realize the goal of home ownership.

Get the Home of Your Dreams

Based on your financial situation, a rent to own program may be the best way to get you into the home of your dreams!

A rent to own property is the perfect opportunity for a landlord who is looking to sell a house and an individual or family with less than perfect credit. Rent to own homes can be listed under many different names: lease to own home, lease with an option to buy, lease purchase, owner will carry, or owner financed.

It's a buyer's market in many locales! This means the housing market in your area may have too many owners interested in selling. Due to this, there may be many rent to own homes to choose from near you. It's the perfect time to get into your rent to own home! Complete the form above to explore rent to own options near you.